Offering a holistic approach to health with the highest standard of professional care to promote the continuing blossoming of health and well-being.
Helping you reach your full potential.

"Naomi's private yoga classes enable me to deal with the stresses that working to tight deadlines bring. Since starting the classes my flexibility has improved enormously and I feel a sense of inner calm"  The Telegraph

"I have suffered from debilitating migraines for over 10 years which often last several days, usually occurring more than twice a week. After 2 courses of acupuncture I have managed to completely stop all my medication and have only had one migraine in 3 months"

Naomi's Tui na massage is very deep and has greatly helped me in my recovery from a whiplash injury"

"Naomi helped me throughout my course of IVF. I continued with treatment on a monthly basis throughout my pregnancy with weekly treatments on the weeks leading up to the birth. A couple of treatments in the luxury of my own home were invaluable to aid my post natal recovery. The treatments helped me feel calm and relaxed and I now have a beautiful healthy boy".

"I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Naomi's treatments help me get perspective and feel a lot more able to deal with what life throws at me".

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