Initial consultation

Involves asking for information on the following: Present health and reason for treatment, past medical history, family medical history, medication. Diagnosis involves taking the pulse, palpation of affected area and channels and tongue diagnosis.

Course of treatment

Patients usually come initially for 4-6 sessions. The course of treatment will then be reviewed. Patients are initially seen on a weekly basis; this is then extended to less frequent treatments once the condition starts to improve. For acute problems fewer and more frequent treatments may be needed. For more chronic conditions, the course of treatment may be longer.


Initial consultation lasts an hour. Subsequent sessions last 45 minutes this can be extended according to whether yoga and massage is incorporated into the session. Discounts available for those on a low income, OAP's and students. Should you wish to cancel an appointment, please give 24 hours notice. Patients must ensure they have eaten on the day of treatment. Alcohol should not be consumed before the acupuncture session and it is beneficial to try to make time to relax after treatment.

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