Auricular acupuncture

Small needles are inserted or seeds are placed in particular areas of the ear. It is especially useful in alleviating emotional problems, pain management, insomnia and helping with addictions.


Continuous electric pulses are sent through acupuncture needles to enhance the flow of energy and remove blockages throughout the body.


Moxa (Mugwort) has many applications, used to stimulate channels and point. The heat from this herb is warming, soothing and extremely relaxing. It is very effective for releasing tightness in the muscles, relaxing tension and invigorating the flow of qi.


Involves special suction cups placed on the skin. This suction helps increase the flow of qi in the channels. Cupping improves circulation, releases tight muscles and is especially effective for tension and stiffness in backs and shoulders.

Dietary, Breathing and Exercise Advice

According to Chinese medicine and tailored to individual needs.

Breathing & Channel stretching exercises using gentle movements based on Qi Gong principles and tailored to individual needs

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